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Apple patent application showsapple

Apple didnt immediately respond to a request for comment.

Another Lightning cable design shows a deformable rubber or plastic Oring to seal a cable connection against water.

Apple has ideas for waterresistant Lightning connectors

An Apple patent application shows a Lightning connector tapered to keep water and grit out when the cable is plugged in.

Apple, having madeiPhonesthat can withstand inadvertent trips into puddles, sinks and toilets, is thinking about the next step protecting Lightning connectors from water.

Todays phones are better, though, and a connector that stands up to water and grit could help.

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The ability to withstand hard treatment is important forphones especially when you consider that an iPhone X costs more than , and likely will remain in use for years. But as countless shattered screens and a thriving smartphone case market show, true ruggedness remains elusive.

A patent application shows ideas for a moisture seal that could help anyone who charges a phone on the kitchen counter.

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Apatent application filed Thursdayshows several ideas for sealing Lightning and apparently, USBC connectors, too against the elements. A liquidtight seal is formed between the accessory and the electronic device, the application says, which makes for accessories that are useful in moist, wet and/or dirty environments.

This Apple design shows a USBC connector found on Macs and some Android phones that offers a water seal.

It isnt clear whether Apple ever plans to ditch its proprietary Lightning connector for the increasingly common USBC ports sprouting on Android phones and Applelaptops. But USBC ns can take heart that Apple has an idea for sealing that connector, too.

Apples ideas include a tapered Lightning connector that stuffs into its port and a rubber gasket that squeezes tightly to seal a port when when a cable is inserted.

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