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iphone 5s releaseiPhone 5S release date price and specs rumour roundup

Apples iPhones have remained largely unchanged when it comes to price, but there are rumours that the firm will launch a budget iPhone model alongside the iPhone 5S/ this year. This will reportedly be around cheaper than Apples next flagship iPhone, with rumours claiming that its likely to fetch between and .

Typically, the next iPhone will arrive running the newest iteration of Apples iOS software, known this time round as iOS .

In terms of design, Apples nextgeneration iPhone is expected to remain largely unchanged, sporting the same aluminum design as the iPhone 5. However,the firm will reportedly release the next iPhone in a new champagne gold flavour, as it looks to appeal to emerging markets where colourful handsets are more popular.

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There will be a change in the form of a fingerprint sensor however, which will come built into the handsets home button.This will reportedly be called the iPhones Touch ID Sensor, and will allow users to unlock the phone using no more than their fingerprint.

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Given that all UK networks are set to launch their G networks later in the year, were thinking its a pretty safe bet that the iPhone 5S/ will launch with LTE support, much like its iPhone 5 predecessor.

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However, the casing is likely to be a bit bigger, asApple is reportedly testing screens larger than four inches for its upcoming iPhone device, with online speculation hinting that the firm will opt for a .in . However, most rumours are siding with the view that the will remain unchanged.

HARDWARE DESIGNERApples iPhone 5S or iPhone , depending on which name the firm goes for, is arguably the most hotly anticipated smartphone of the year, and will signal the firm looking to steal back marketshare from the likes ofSamsungs Galaxy Sand theHTC One.

As for Apples next flagship iPhone, this is widely expected to stick around the 5 SIM free mark.

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Apple has confirmed that it will unveil its new iPhones at an event in San Francisco on September, and is promsiing that its imminent announcement Will brighten everyones day.

Unveiled at WWDC on June, iOS sees Apple radical changes to its mobile software, most noly when it comes to design. App icons have been redesigned, colours have been tweaked and the operating system boasts a completely new look and feel.

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Theres a host of new features bakedin too. Apples Spotify rival, iTunes Radio, comes built into the Music application, theres now a Control Center menu for toggling settings such as WiFi and Bluetooth and apps such as Sari and Weather have been given a makeover inside and out.

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Since the launch of the iPhone 5, rumours about its successor have filled the internet, detailing what we can expect from the next generation Apple smartphone. Keep this bookmarked to keep on top of all of the latest iPhone 5S/iPhone rumours.

Theres still no word on when the handset will hit shelves, although its typically a couple of weeks after Apples highprofile unveiling. Apples cheaper iPhone 5C is allegedly tipped to arrive on shelves on September.

As for the cheaper iPhone 5C, this will apparently be available in an array of different colours including pink, green and blue. Not much is known about the specs of the socalled iPhone 5C, but they are likely to be midrange given the handsets supposed affordable pricetag.

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As well as the iPhone 5S/, iOS will be available for the iPhone , iPhone S, iPhone 5, iPad , iPad , iPad and the iPad Mini.

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