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Apple iPhone 5iphone 5s releaseS Release Date Features and Rumours

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Apple iOS users have been psyched by rumours surrounding the release date for iPhone 5S since early this year. It is typical for such rumours to sprout as soon as a new iOS device is released. The iPhone 5S is the presumed name for Apples next generation phone. In keeping with Apples naming convention this should end up being called the iPhone 5S.

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Apple iPhone 5S Release Date, Features and Rumours

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According to Macotakara, new s will be one of the more visible features of Apples iPhone 5 successor. According to a new report, iPhone 5S will come in three additional s on top of the already existing black/slate and white/silver designs found on the iPhone 5. The site also claims that Apples alreadyrumored cheaper iPhone will come in five s, but the report does not specify if this is five s in addition to the black and white models or including the black and white options.

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Apple is working hard on the successor to its mobile operating system and iOS will be a big departure from the current OS. It will have a completely redesigned UI, overhauling the system that has been in place since the first iPhone launched. It should bring in new features that compete against Android, rather than the rather static intece currently used. Apple always releases a new version of iOS with its new iPhone and the iPhone 5S will almost certainly arrive with new software in the form of iOS .

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Plenty of sources have weighed in with opinions on when the iPhone 5S and the overriding good news is that it appears to be sooner rather than later. For the most part, the majority of rumours hinge on June as the likely date for the new phone.

Its well known that one of the key battlegrounds of smartphone ware is the specifications of the onboard camera. The iPhone 5s MP iSight camera is one of the better rear cameras around and while it can still compete, smartphones of are likely going to be equipped with some big improvements. Apple has delivered from a smartphone camera standpoint in the past and it should deliver again with the iPhone 5S. Thats certainly exciting, especially to those that take a lot of photos and video with their smartphone.

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Were now sixth months on from the iPhone 5 launch so what will its successor be like? We arent sure yet what the iPhone 5S unique feature could be but so r, signs point to it possibly having something to do with security mixed in with NFC payments. Rumors suggest it could be coming with a fingerprint scanner that could tie in NFC support for mobile payments. In conjunction with a builtin NFC module, this would let Apple secure communications and ensure that financial transactions are protected.

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