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iphone 5s releaseiPhone SE vs iPhone 5S What

iphone 5s releaseiPhone SE vs iPhone 5S WhatApples latest handset retains the iPhone 5Ss small form, which sits below just about every other device on the market.

Part of this is down to the ct that Apple has somehow managed to squeeze in a physically larger battery than the iPhone 5S. Another reason is the more efficient A CPU in the newer phone.

iPhone 5SApple A .GHz Dualcore Cyclone CPU, PowerVR G quadcore GPU, GB RAM, GB/GB/GB storage

TheSamsung Galaxy Shas a 5.inch , theiPhone Ssits at . inches, andGoogles Nexus Plooks seriously massive in comparison at 5. inches.

iPhone SEinch IPS LCD, , x resolution, ppi

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Smaller phones have r less space to house more generous batteries. But, as is evident from the figures above, the iPhone SE sees some significant improvements in the battery department. It gains extra hours of Audio, three more hours of video and three more for WiFi and LTE browsing.

In particular, those chamfered edges continue to influence devices today, and the allmetal body still feels great if a little abrasive in the hand. Many will be thrilled to learn that although the iPhone 5S is being discontinued, its legacy will live on.

This also means that the iPhone SEs screen is r from the best on the market. Indeed, its arguably the thirdbest in Apples smartphone range fifth if you count the iPhone and S milies as separate here.

If youre one of the many folk who continued to cradle that trusty iPhone 5S because of its manageable inch , youre in for a treat with the iPhone SE.

But, should you be upgrading your iPhone 5S for this new model?

While were big ns of the iPhone and iPhone S, theyre nowhere near as iconic as the previous generation.

Keeping everything ticking along is an A processor, as opposed to the older A from the iPhone 5S. Theres also the M coprocessor, up from the M, which handles motion sensing for fitness and navigation apps.

Video iPhone SE in seconds All you need to know

While we would have liked a new design from Apple, the iPhone SE is the best small phone on the market by quite a considerable margin. If Apples switch to a larger form ctor has left you cold in recent years, its a worthy upgrade.

Particularly annoying about the iPhone SE is that it still has a base storage of GB exactly the same as the 5S when it came out in . Apps, games and media in general are r more able these days and GB just isnt enough.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5 before it was, and still is, a design icon. Its easily the most beautiful handset Apple has ever produced, and its aged surprisingly well.

One of Apples bestloved phones ever has received a spiritual successor. TheiPhone SElooks and handles just like theiPhone 5Sand its available to buy right now.

Both phones have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the home button, although the iPhone SE version doesnt use the same lightningst secondgeneration sensor as the iPhone S. Thats a shame, but the A CPU does speed things up noticeably compared to the iPhone 5S.

In ct, just about the only difference is a switch from shiny chamfered edges to matte chamfered edges in the newer handset, and the introduction of a Rose Gold colour option. Oh, and the iPhone SE is a gram heavier, but thats really not noticeable.

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iPhone 5SMP, f/. aperture lens, / sensor, .5 m pixel , p video, fps p slomo

iPhone 5SBrushed aluminium casing with shiny chamfered edges, g, .mm thick, Space Gray/Silver/Gold

Similarities are rife on the outside, but beneath its glossy frame numerous changes make the iPhone SE a rather unique prospect.

Twoandahalf years is a long time in tech, so just how does the the small, yet powerful iPhone SE stack up against its older brother? Lets have a look.

Thanks to some iPhone Sflavoured internal magic, the iPhone SE is significantly ster than its inch predecessor. It also has much better battery life, and it takes noticeably better pictures.

If all that wasnt enough, the SE also benefits from Apple Pay support, so you can stroll into a shop and make payments from the new compact phone.

Just like the processor, the iPhone SE has the same GB RAM as the iPhone S, doubling that of the 5S. Again, this helps boost performance considerably, and youll find that r more apps stay active in the ready to be pulled up in an instant.

Just as it does with the CPU, Apple has stuck with the same ntastic camera tech in the iPhone SE that it used in the iPhone S, including a megapixel sensor capable of capturing K and fps slomotion video. The iPhone 5S has a lower megapixel sensor and maxes out at p video, as well as a less impressive fps slomo option.

iPhone SEApple A .GHz Dualcore Twister CPU, PowerVR GT sixcore GPU, GB RAM, GB/GB storage

Would a new design have been welcome? Of course. But these remain two of the most handsome phones out there.

The performance upgrade from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone SE is noticeable throughout, but especially when playing processorintensive games. In ct, our gaming benchmark tests revealed the iPhone SE to perform slightly better than the iPhone S, thanks to the ct that it has fewer pixels to push around on its smaller .

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The f/. aperture is the same, but the iPhone 5S technically employs larger pixels. You wouldnt notice this by comparing lowlight results, however, with the iPhone SEs camera performing a little better. Youll also be able to capture moving Live Photos in the SE, which is another feature not available on the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5Sinch IPS LCD, , x resolution, ppi

The iPhone SE has the exact same Retina seen on the iPhone 5 and 5S. That means that it has a , x resolution.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE small, goodlooking, powerful finally, a true iPhone 5S update.

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These two phones may look and feel almost identical, but the iPhone SE is a significant upgrade over the iPhone 5S in most of the ways that matter.

One area that hasnt seen an upgrade is the frontcing selfie camera. On the 5S it was .MP and its still the same on the SE, though the improved digital processing that comes with the A processor should give you slightly better photos.

The mobile wallet we first saw with the iPhone is easily the slickest virtual payment solution yet, and its convenience and wide support mean its inclusion here is great.

iPhone SEBrushed aluminium casing with matte chamfered edges, g, .mm thick, Space Gray/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold

Both phones use a dualtone LED flash for supposedly softer and natural skin tones. It works, too, creating more natural if r from perfect results that lack the same level of artificial glare as in rival efforts.

The insides of the SE have much more in common with the iPhone S and iPhone S Plus than the iPhone 5S. Its quite the feat of engineering.

iPhone SEMP, f/. aperture lens, / sensor, . m pixel , Live photos; K video, fps p slomo

However, Apple will sell you a GB version of the iPhone SE, which wed thoroughly recommend. Upon release the iPhone 5S was also available in a GB variety, but Apple has since done away with such an option.

Aside from the obvious improvements to the camera and internals of the handset, another new feature that could prove to be worth the price of upgrade is Apple Pay.

iPhone SE mAh battery, Apple Pay, Touch ID

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Still, we described this ithful old screen as perfectly acceple in our iPhone SE review. At this , you wont find a better one.

The iPhone SE looks almost indistinguishable from its departing brother; with the flat back, matte sides and lockswitch on the top.

Apple claims that the iPhone SEs battery life is 5 percent better than on the iPhone 5S, and we found that this is pretty much true in general usage. The newer phone has impressive stamina.

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